How to Inflate a Basketball without a Needle or Pump? Simple Tips

Want to enjoy a basketball game? Then your ball must be inflated with the right amount of air pressure. Now, to do that, you require an air pump and needle at hand.

Nevertheless, your pump might be out of reach when you need it most, or the needle might malfunction altogether.

You might look at an air pump needle like an obscure tool until that moment when becomes a crucial requirement. Now if you have a deflated ball, and a ball game is just about to start, not having a pump needle could disintegrate your plans.

How to Inflate a Basketball without a Needle or Pump

A Bit of Creativity

However, with a little creativity, you can stop this from happening. You can substitute commonly found household items for your needle and air pump. For instance, you can use a straw, a paperclip, and compressed air canister, to re-inflate your ball and be out in the court or field in no time.

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Check out the following steps.

Step One

Get a plastic-coated paperclip and unwind it until it is straight. Grease the paper clip with a small amount of petroleum jelly.

Step Two

Slice one of the paper clip’s ends into your ball’s air hole. Ensure that the tip is greased because otherwise,it will tear the air hole. Gradually rotate the paper clip until the air hole becomes momentarily enlarged.

Step Three

Remove a straw from the air can that it came attached to. Usually, keyboard-cleaning air canisters come furnished with removable straws. Slip the straw into the hole and do it fast before the rubber hole begins to diminish.

Step Four

Return the end of the straw that is not attached to the hole back to the air canister. Clutch the ball in one hand and hold the air canister firmly in place with the other. Shoot up air from the air canister until your ball is re-inflated.

Step Five

Detach the straw when you are done inflating the ball. The straw’s diameter is wider than the pump needle would be, so expect the hole to widen and leak air. To prevent this, put some tape over the hole until it contracts again.

This then brings us to your question:

Are there any other ways that can be used to inflate your basketball minus using the needle?

The answer is YES!

Below, you will learn some practical techniques that you can use to inflate your ball to the right amount of air pressure without using a needle.

Use a Balloon

This is probably the easiest technique you can use to inflate your basketball without using a needle.

Get a stronger and bigger balloon- like a punch balloon and blow as much air as you can into it.After that, use a paper clamp or clamp to cover its opening to stop the air from escaping.

Take into account that you will require a means of getting the air out of the balloon into your ball. You can use a coffee stirrer or really thin straw. Insert either the stirrer or straw inside your ball and insert the other end into the inflation hole of your ball.

Let go of the paper clip or clamp to begin the process of moving air from the balloon into your ball. You can squash the ball to hasten the transmission process.

Use an Air Compressor

This following hack entails using an air compressor to inflate your basketball. It is also a fairly easy process that involves using the compacted air inside the canister to blow up your basketball.

Like in the earlier step, you will also need to find something that can go through the tiny hole of the ball here. Fortunately, the can comes with a tiny straw that will smoothly and easily slide into the basketball hole.

When using this hack though, ensure that you inflate the ball in air spurts because the canister tends to cool down pretty fast.

Note also that this technique works best for a ball that is not completely flat and while this method can save you every once in a while, if you use it more often, it will be expensive because you will have to keep on buying new canisters.

A Pen Ink Tube 

The ink tube of your pen can also slide into the small basketball hole. It functions as a needle if you have an air pump with a broken or damaged needle.

Take out the tube from your pen and drain away the ink inside. Do away with the writing point as well. Keep the writing cap somewhere where you can easily access it, as it will help when holding the temporary needle when injecting it into the ball.

With a pair of scissors, cut a tiny piece of the tube and attach it into the writing cap.

Then, you will require a metal paper clip coated in plastic to create the ball tube. Straighten the metal clip and then insert it into the ball’s air hole. One end will be sticking out. Cut around it and yank out the metal in such a way that most of the plastic tube remains inside the ball.

What you need to do now is to put the writing cap needle you have just made into the plastic covering. You will also need an extra pair of hands to help hold the delicate contraption together.

An Infusion Ball 

Brands like Spalding that are popular in the basketball world have come up with a different design of balls, which have integrated air pumps.

You do not require any needle to use this feature as it only involves dragging out the rubber top to expose the pump and then inflating your ball until it attains the level of firmness you desire.


Should you ever be in a situation where you do not have the needle to inflate your basketball within reach,feel free to utilize the hacks shared above to blow up your basketball correctly.

As you can tell from the techniques discussed, all you have to do is just find something that will slide into the tiny air hole of your basketball for effortless inflation.

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